Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here are some pictures of whereTrent is currently serving.


Trent says there are VW vans everywhere!!

In front of the Sao Paulo Temple

Trent says there are little stores like this all over the city!!

Here are some pictures of Trent's apartment.

His washing machine!!

Trent is so excited!!  He found this sandwich that is like the Chicken Bakes they sell at Costco!!

He has to filter his water.

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  1. My son is Elder Parker that shares the apartment with Elder Carnahan, though they each have their own Brazilian companion. Just missing my kid tonight, partly because we didn't get an e-mail last Monday, so I was searching for blogs of elders in SPN . . . I don't do one (too much technology for me) but post photos on Facebook. Check out Elder Mitchell Parker because I think there's one of the 4 elders.